Link Roundup / November

Happy November! Here are some things I have been loving recently…

Ecobranding – I think I get it…. but I am also doubtful about how helpful this actually is.

For their “Stir Up” campaign, Kellogg is collaborating with Mission Chinese Food, and it’s kind of crazy. Corn Pops with a fried egg and bacon-infused milk? Frosted Flakes with matcha milk? I also can’t get over watching people eat cereal with chopsticks.

“As we increasingly outsource our memories to devices, we may be forgetting the pleasures of imperfect recall.” I love this piece from the New York Times.

‘It’s Alive with Brad’ is my new favorite Youtube series, possibly ever.

A spice mix of halva, sesame, and rose petals? Yes please!

The ultimate pumpkin bread bakeoff. Now I have to try Tartine’s pumpkin bread!


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