Wednesday Links

(above) Lemon, fig, and thyme donut from Hello Donuts at their weekly ReAnimator weekend pop-up. I’ve been following the development of their brick and mortar on Instagram and I. am. so. excited.

Speaking of pop-ups….”Pop-ups act as a hedge against the vast and relentless waves of uncertainty.” Why pop-ups are popping off.

Turns out the Starbucks mermaid’s face has been asymmetrical this whole time.

Froyo, rosé, pumpkin spice have all become so popular they are now annoying. Women aren’t ruining food.

Link Roundup / December

Happy mid-December!

^ I came back from India a couple weeks ago which was the most incredible experience (more to come later!). I already can’t wait to go back.

I’ve had this conversation a number of times, embarrassingly with only slightly less self-deprecating language.

I found these articles about Chobani’s rebrand and redesign fascinating. Almost all yogurts are copying Chobani’s original style, plastic white tubs with a tinfoil top, so now they’re trying to do the opposite.

I got some instant coffee to round out all my pumpkin baking, and now this recipe has shot to the top of my baking to-do list.

Pretzel. Shortbread. Cookies. I have to go a little bit further on my next run to center city to check these out!

Link Roundup / November

Happy November! Here are some things I have been loving recently…

Ecobranding – I think I get it…. but I am also doubtful about how helpful this actually is.

For their “Stir Up” campaign, Kellogg is collaborating with Mission Chinese Food, and it’s kind of crazy. Corn Pops with a fried egg and bacon-infused milk? Frosted Flakes with matcha milk? I also can’t get over watching people eat cereal with chopsticks.

“As we increasingly outsource our memories to devices, we may be forgetting the pleasures of imperfect recall.” I love this piece from the New York Times.

‘It’s Alive with Brad’ is my new favorite Youtube series, possibly ever.

A spice mix of halva, sesame, and rose petals? Yes please!

The ultimate pumpkin bread bakeoff. Now I have to try Tartine’s pumpkin bread!