Recipe // Za’atar Brussels Sprouts Pizza

Current search history: brussel sprouts over or under cheese on pizza brussel sprout or brussels sprout why is brussels sprout spelled brussels And a little later: sicilian vs grandma style pizza what is sicilian pizza After making pizza two weeks ago, I decided to try again. I doubled the quantity of dough so it wasContinue reading “Recipe // Za’atar Brussels Sprouts Pizza”

Recipe // Grandma Style Pizza

My favorite pizza place in Philadelphia is Pizza Gutt, a strange “Instagram pizza restaurant.” Daniel releases the week’s menu on his Instagram Sunday so you can reserve a pizza for Wednesday-Saturday night at a cafe/bar. As a business model, it is genius – you know exactly how many ingredients to buy and you don’t haveContinue reading “Recipe // Grandma Style Pizza”

Exploring Philly // Pizza Brain

Often advertised as a “pizza museum,” Pizza Brain in Fishtown is the proud holder of the Guinness record for “the world’s largest collection of pizza-related items.” I was expected a museum-style format to the back of the restaurant, but really it is just a collection. The walls are covered with antique photos of people holdingContinue reading “Exploring Philly // Pizza Brain”