NYC Food Career Trek

(This post is late. Really late. But still extremely¬†important to me, so here it goes! Better late than never?) In early April I went on a career trek to Union Square Hospitality Group and Brooklyn Food Works, and then ended the weekend by going to the Cherry Bombe Marketplace. In between these events, I gotContinue reading “NYC Food Career Trek”


Recipe Roundup / Unique Flavor Combinations

Life in the small tourist town of Xizhou is completely the opposite of my life as a student in Philadelphia, which is a nice change of pace.¬†Most tourists stay in the larger neighboring town of Dali; Xizhou is just an interesting stop along their way to other bigger sites. Thus, shops here open late andContinue reading “Recipe Roundup / Unique Flavor Combinations”

NYC Transit Standards Manual

Good morning! I stumbled upon a post that the original New York City Transit Authority Graphics Standards Manual from 1970, which was recently found in a locker beneath old gym clothes. When I first saw this my reaction was “Yeah, okay, who cares, a big book of letters”, but the more I thought about it,Continue reading “NYC Transit Standards Manual”