Recipe // Coffee Brownie Cake

My experiments with layer cakes (see earl grey, funfetti, tiramisu) continues! For a potluck I hosted earlier this spring, I made Michelle’s (from Hummingbird High) Vietnamese coffee cake with condensed milk frosting. Although I wasn’t that impressed with the frosting (it didn’t taste like anything special), the coffee cake was just perfect: moist and delicate,Continue reading “Recipe // Coffee Brownie Cake”


Recipe // Funfetti Layer Cake

It’s the end of finals, so obviously I made funfetti cake. I always wanted to make Molly’s homemadeĀ funfetti cake, but after meeting her last year for Cherry Bombe, I was feeling particularly inspired. I don’t associate funfetti cake with my childhood like I feel a lot of my friends do. I can appreciate the colorfulContinue reading “Recipe // Funfetti Layer Cake”

Recipe // Tiramisu Mini Layer Cakes

I wanted to make a cake with chocolate, coffee, and vanilla layers, but after I finished the batter I realized I had nowhere near enough to fill a cake pan. Instead, I used a muffin tin to make these mini layer cakes! Tiramisu Mini Layer Cakes Adapted from Eat Love Eat 1 c butter 1Continue reading “Recipe // Tiramisu Mini Layer Cakes”