Guest Post: 6 Unique DIY Gift Ideas

unique diy gift ideas

Hi Everyone! I’m a lifestyle blogger from SWEATshirt DRESSshirt, and today, I’ll be guest posting about DIY gifts on the Leah Sprague Blog (thanks for the opportunity, Leah!).

My favorite type of gifts to give have always been handmade. They’re sentimental, and there is just something about putting time and effort into making something for someone, that can’t be found at the store. I’ve compiled a list of six different projects ranging from easy (light switch cover), to moderately difficult (kitty loafers). They’re all worth checking out, and I hope you become inspired to make something for someone this season! Happy Holidays.

1. Jewelry Display Branch

2. Kitty Loafers

3. Boxwood Christmas Wreath

4. Geometric Switch Plate Cover

5. Snow Globes

6. Feather Gauze Blanket + A Homemade Stamp

unique diy holiday gifts

diy christmas

first image via here, edited by SWEATshirt DRESSshirt


DIY: Magazine Collage

Hey everyone!

I have a super-huge obsession with magazines. I love graphic design, but magazine layouts are my favorite, so basically I hoard them. I recently decided that it was time to get rid of my over-flowing stacks (the magazine bins I have were not big enough to hold them all!) by cutting out all my favorite pages, styles, and things that inspire me. I have always been a stickler about never cutting/destroying my magazines in anyway, but finally it had gotten out of hand.

Scroll down to see how I organized all my magazines, reducing them to just a thin binder!

Magazine Collage //

Once I cut out all my favorite things, I paper clipped things by theme; color, graphic design, advice, etc.
Magazine Collage //
Here is a collage I made in my art journal.

Magazine Collage // Magazine Collage //

Finally, since some collections still have a while to go before they can fill up a page, I put them in a folder in a special binder, which is now my “magazine binder”


Magazine Collage //

I also included layouts/ideas that I really enjoyed, and made a special point to hole punch the insides so it reads like a magazine.


I hope you enjoy! This is a super fun way to organize but still keep bits of inspiration! -Leah

DIY Inspiration Board


Something I have always wanted to be able to do was to create an inspiration board. If you follow me on Pintrest, then you will know that I have been collecting tons of ideas for one.

So, today in my new room I finally put one up!! Not only is it super easy, but the end result is really cool. Here are the instructions so you can make your own:


String, tape (that can be on walls), scissors, paperclips, photos/papers to put up on your board


1. Gather materials

2. Tape string onto wall, so it makes a slight “U” shape.

3. Latch a paperclip onto one of the photos/papers you would like to use










5. Attach paperclip onto string

6. Continue with the rest of the photos/papers

Tip: the tape I used was a bright blue, so  I taped photos on top of it as a cover.

You can also try having a theme, like all one color, etc. Have fun with it!