Recipe // Earl Grey Tea Cake with Hot Chocolate Fudge

Coming back from China, I had ambitions to use tea in baking all the time. After my stint with Pu’er Tea Muffins, I felt like I had just unlocked a whole new flavor. I also thought that I was suddenly a tea drinker and refilled my personal teapot maybe 3x a day. Since junior yearContinue reading “Recipe // Earl Grey Tea Cake with Hot Chocolate Fudge”


Recipe // Strawberry Cornmeal Cake

Here we go, another recipe from my Huckleberry cookbook! I adapted the recipe a little since I almost never have ricotta on hand and I don’t feel like measuring 3 tablespoons instead of 1/4 cup sugar… but they turned out beautifully! Moist from the heaping 2 cups of greek yogurt and butter + oil combination,Continue reading “Recipe // Strawberry Cornmeal Cake”