Guide to Mexico City

My two good friends and I just got back from a 10-day trip to Mexico City. I wanted to share some highlights!


After a long (but cheap!) overnight bus + subway + AirTrain journey, we flew from JFK early in the morning. After an uneventful flight, we arrived at our Airbnb by 3pm. Starving, we had our first tacos of the day in the historic district.

We walked from the historic district to Biblioteca Vasconcelos, an incredible library about 1.5 miles north.

After dinner, we stopped by Ideal Pasteleria, which had incredible, bite-sized, buttery cookies. You can actually smell this bakery from 2 blocks away!


We left early in the morning for Queretaro, a beautiful historic city 3 hours away. We used Primera Plus ($30 roundtrip), which felt so deluxe; they even gave free snacks. We had lunch at Save, a great seafood terrace restaurant. The octopus tacos were life-changing, and I will never think about octopus the same way. Who knew that octopus and queso went well together?


Queretaro was so full of color, it is difficult to pick my favorite photos.


Back to Mexico City! We had lunch Comedor de los Milagros, which was food court-style with food from all over Latin America. The highlight was the sweet potato and ceviche, and the chorizo tacos with Yukon fries.

At night, we watched Frida on Netflix in preparation for the Frida Kahlo museum the next day. Highly recommend!


We arrived at the Frida Kahlo museum by 9:45 for their 10am opening. We were a little nervous that we didn’t have tickets, but we arrived just in time before the line got too long. I’m so glad we watched the movie the night before; it helped give so much more context to her life and home!

We stopped by Tostadas Coyoacán for lunch, where we had incredible shrimp and octopus tostadas. Later, we found out this hole-in-the-wall was recommended by Bon Appétit (well-deserved!).


With rain in the weather forecast, we decided to play it safe and spend the day at indoor museums.

We had breakfast at Esperanza Bakery because it was walking distance from our first museum, and it turned out to be incredible. A huge range of pastries, each for 0.50 USD or less! Each one was delicious.

We started at Soumaya Museum, which has the largest collection of Rodin pieces outside of Paris. Owned by billionaire Carlos Slim, this museum was free and packed with art.

We had a gelato break in the bougie Palanco district, which felt like the Mexican Hollywood Hills.

Finally, just when the storm was about to arrive, we made it to the Anthropology Museum.



We made our way to the Chapultepec Castle in the morning. We first stopped by our favorite Esperanza bakery, which we realized had a branch right next to the park.

We walked to Nómada Heladería for mind-blowing ice cream. My favorite was the orange lavender.

Next up was Museo Juguete Antiguo, or the Antique Toy Museum. The museum was a hoarder’s dream, stuffed with every single toy imaginable. It felt like Night at the Museum where all the dolls would come to life. We alternated between saying “This is so cool!” and “That is so creepy.” The true star of the museum was the rooftop terrace, which had an eclectic patchwork of murals by different artists.

We ended the day with dinner at El Parnita, where I had hands-down the best tacos of my life. I had a carnitas taco and fried shrimp taco, both of which were incredible.



Overall, it was a great trip full of tacos, color, and photographs.