Exploring Philly // High Street on Market

It’s been officially Spring for a week now, and Philadelphia has gotten over a foot of snow.

I took these photos in the fall, when the warm weather was still lingering. Eating outside is one of the easily one of the simplest, best parts of summer.

Brunch food is not my favorite, but High Street is another restaurant that does a really good job. I tried the Hickory Town, which is composed of Lancaster bologna, Amish horseradish cheddar, gherkin mayo, and fried red onion on a soft poppyseed bun. High Street is famous for their bread, and did not disappoint.

Franklin’s Table, the new food hall that just opened on Penn’s campus, features fast-casual versions of favorite Philly restaurants including High Street’s “Provisions.” I am excited to see how High Street Provisions does on campus. It is pricier than your average food truck, but if you save the $4.50 of Septa tokens… it might be a good weekend alternative.

It is also exciting to see the opening of Provisions in light of Wharton grad and restauranteur Ellen Yin’s James Beard finalist nomination. Philly’s restaurant community is tight-knit and intimate, so I love seeing the city’s national recognition!


Exploring Philly // Pizza Brain

Often advertised as a “pizza museum,” Pizza Brain in Fishtown is the proud holder of the Guinness record for “the world’s largest collection of pizza-related items.” I was expected a museum-style format to the back of the restaurant, but really it is just a collection. The walls are covered with antique photos of people holding pizzas, records that feature songs related to pizza (Sesame Street’s “Pizza Box Dance,” among others), and well as pizza advertisements. I was surprised to learn that pizza didn’t come to mainstream America until the 1950s, considering it is a go-to staple today!

$4 seemed like a hefty price for by-the-slice, but once you see the 22-inch slices you will realize it is more than a good deal for a full meal. Their crust is thin and a little crispy – not my usual favorite – but considering the size, it is a good choice.

Overall, another great Fishtown find!

Exploring Philly // Wm. Mulherin’s Sons

Brunch food is overrated. I love the idea of brunch – it is nice to spend time with friends on a lazy weekend morning, but to pay for scrambled eggs and pancakes… that’s painful.

When going to brunch with friends, I try to be more selective about where we go. I feel like you should either go to a greasy diner with appropriately-priced eggs and bottomless coffee, or somewhere with food you would never be able to cook yourself.

I had been wanting to try Wm. Mulherin’s Sons for a while now. A hotel restaurant in the up-and-coming Fishtown, Wm. Mulherin’s is most famous for their brunch wood-fired pizza (something I can not make myself).

This pizza was beautiful and 100% worth it. Oozing egg yolks, sausage, caramelized onion, potatoes, and gooey fontina cheese, on an airy, charcoal-speckled crust.

The restaurant itself has a relaxed-but-still-classy, wood-sy vibe that I love. Mismatched, velvet sofas, leather seats, appropriately worn oriental rugs. According to their website, the restaurant was “painstakingly preserved” from how it was when it first opened as a whiskey private club in 1902. It was completely shut down in 1924 by the Prohibition, and remained closed until renovations began in 2014.