Exploring Philly // Lost Bread Co.

Lost Bread Co. has everything I love about Philly. Lost Bread has 1) Incredible baked goods. Smoked potato sunflower, cheddar paprika, beetroot rye… approachable but just experimental enough that you probably (or definitely) don’t have the ingredients to make it at home on a whim. 2) A storefront with super-casual backyard vibes. They sectioned offContinue reading “Exploring Philly // Lost Bread Co.”

Exploring Philly / Love & Honey’s Fried Chicken

There are very few restaurants in Philadelphia that I go out of my way to return to. Love & Honey’s is one of them. I am normally not a fried chicken/food person, but Love and Honey’s does it perfectly. They cook every plate of chicken to order, so it normally takes around 15 minutes toContinue reading “Exploring Philly / Love & Honey’s Fried Chicken”

Exploring Philly // High Street on Market

It’s been officially Spring for a week now, and Philadelphia has gotten over a foot of snow. I took these photos in the fall, when the warm weather was still lingering. Eating outside is one of the easily one of the simplest, best parts of summer. Brunch food is not my favorite, but High StreetContinue reading “Exploring Philly // High Street on Market”