Recipe // Grandma Style Pizza

My favorite pizza place in Philadelphia is Pizza Gutt, a strange “Instagram pizza restaurant.” Daniel releases the week’s menu on his Instagram Sunday so you can reserve a pizza for Wednesday-Saturday night at a cafe/bar. As a business model, it is genius – you know exactly how many ingredients to buy and you don’t haveContinue reading “Recipe // Grandma Style Pizza”

Recipe // Banana Cinnamon Rolls

It is finally hot outside, but I don’t think I need to convince you that gooey, warm cinnamon rolls are great year-round. These cinnamon rolls are made of a yeasted, banana-sweetened dough, swirled around a heavily spiced, cinnamon-butter mixture. In short, you’ll want these for breakfast tomorrow. I am trying to get over my hesitationContinue reading “Recipe // Banana Cinnamon Rolls”

Recipe // Funfetti Layer Cake

It’s the end of finals, so obviously I made funfetti cake. I always wanted to make Molly’s homemadeĀ funfetti cake, but after meeting her last year for Cherry Bombe, I was feeling particularly inspired. I don’t associate funfetti cake with my childhood like I feel a lot of my friends do. I can appreciate the colorfulContinue reading “Recipe // Funfetti Layer Cake”