Recipe // Lemon Blueberry Basil Cake

I like experimenting with different herbs and had been wanting to make something with blueberries and basil for a long time. I finally made this lemon-basil cake with blueberry-basil cream cheese frosting and it turned out just how I imagined! A delicate hint of basil throughout the sweet blueberry frosting and tart lemon cake. Lemon-BasilContinue reading “Recipe // Lemon Blueberry Basil Cake”


Recipe // Coffee Brownie Cake

My experiments with layer cakes (see earl grey, funfetti, tiramisu) continues! For a potluck I hosted earlier this spring, I made Michelle’s (from Hummingbird High) Vietnamese coffee cake with condensed milk frosting. Although I wasn’t that impressed with the frosting (it didn’t taste like anything special), the coffee cake was just perfect: moist and delicate,Continue reading “Recipe // Coffee Brownie Cake”

Recipe // Za’atar Brussels Sprouts Pizza

Current search history: brussel sprouts over or under cheese on pizza brussel sprout or brussels sprout why is brussels sprout spelled brussels And a little later: sicilian vs grandma style pizza what is sicilian pizza After making pizza two weeks ago, I decided to try again. I doubled the quantity of dough so it wasContinue reading “Recipe // Za’atar Brussels Sprouts Pizza”