Re-Touring Seattle Part 2 // Theo Chocolate

Hey guys, One of my favorite places to bring guests in Seattle is Theo Chocolate. It is the most perfect little shop; 1. because it is a chocolate shop, 2. they have factory tours and 3. they have all these crazy flavors (spicy chocolate, anyone?). I highly recommend it, whether you have guests or youContinue reading “Re-Touring Seattle Part 2 // Theo Chocolate”

Recipe / 10 Minute Mashed Sweet Potatoes!

Hey everyone, I am excited to share with you today my recipe for mashed sweet potatoes, which you can make in less than 10 minutes! This is perfect for simple individual lunches. I seriously don’t understand why so few people (myself included) make this for lunch more often, because it is seriously perfect: quick, easy,Continue reading “Recipe / 10 Minute Mashed Sweet Potatoes!”