Exploring Philly // Lost Bread Co.

Lost Bread Co. has everything I love about Philly. Lost Bread has 1) Incredible baked goods. Smoked potato sunflower, cheddar paprika, beetroot rye… approachable but just experimental enough that you probably (or definitely) don’t have the ingredients to make it at home on a whim. 2) A storefront with super-casual backyard vibes. They sectioned offContinue reading “Exploring Philly // Lost Bread Co.”


Recipe // Grandma Style Pizza

My favorite pizza place in Philadelphia is Pizza Gutt, a strange “Instagram pizza restaurant.” Daniel releases the week’s menu on his Instagram Sunday so you can reserve a pizza for Wednesday-Saturday night at a cafe/bar. As a business model, it is genius – you know exactly how many ingredients to buy and you don’t haveContinue reading “Recipe // Grandma Style Pizza”

Recipe // Banana Cinnamon Rolls

It is finally hot outside, but I don’t think I need to convince you that gooey, warm cinnamon rolls are great year-round. These cinnamon rolls are made of a yeasted, banana-sweetened dough, swirled around a heavily spiced, cinnamon-butter mixture. In short, you’ll want these for breakfast tomorrow. I am trying to get over my hesitationContinue reading “Recipe // Banana Cinnamon Rolls”