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Hey all –

I wanted to share a photo that I am using as my current desktop wallpaper. It is a close up of a pailou (a traditional Chinese arch) in Beihai Park.

You can download the iPhone version here and the desktop version here. Enjoy!

Download Beijing iPhone Wallpaper //

And while you’re at it…
Download Beijing Desktop Wallpaper //


Wallpaper Download!


I have been really stressing about finals lately (they start next week Рeek!!) so I made these wallpapers as a reminder for myself to just breathe and stay calm. The download links are at the bottom of the page. Enjoy! -Leah

Breath In & Out iPhone Wallpaper Free Download //

And as an exciting new addition, I have made the desktop wallpaper to match!

Breath In & Out Desktop Wallpaper Free Download //

iPhone // Desktop