24 Hours in Nuodeng, Yunnan (Ham Paradise)

After reading Travels Through Dali with a Leg of Ham, I knew that it would be impossible to go back home without a trip to Nuodeng, the village in Yunlong county that specializes in the famous Yunnan ham. How famous is “famous?” Yunnan ham has been shipped around the globe since 1912, and became anContinue reading “24 Hours in Nuodeng, Yunnan (Ham Paradise)”


Favorite Podcasts / Radio Cherry Bombe

I have never been a radio person. It seems like most people listen to the radio in the morning, but for me, that is when silence is golden. Recently, I have been listening to podcasts, but at night. ┬áIt’s like listening to an audio book, but it is neatly wrapped up in 45 minutes. ThereContinue reading “Favorite Podcasts / Radio Cherry Bombe”