DIY: Inspiration Board on Photoshop

Hey all!

As you can probably guess, I love coming up with inspiration boards. However, while they look (and pretty much are) really straightforward, I wanted to share some of the tips and tricks I have been using. Otherwise, a simple project can take wayyy too long!

DIY Inspiration Boards //


Don’t force it, or you may get frustrated. I always start at Pinterest or Tumblr and see what patterns I see. Funny enough, I find that I usually pin a few items with similar themes at the same time. Once you have about 3, you are in good shape!

Do you guys see somewhat of a theme coming from the photo collection below? I see about 3 different boards that could use several of those images!

DIY Inspiration Boards //


You want to make sure your board is the same size each time, and, if you want to put it on your blog, make sure it is wide enough. The length isn’t as important; you can always extend it, but I find that I never do just because it is easier when you know where your borders are.

I usually make my boards 650 by 800 pixels.

DIY Inspiration Board //


Then, pile all the images with the right color scheme on it. I also include the photos I am not sure fit perfectly, because after seeing them all on the page, I can see if it really does work.

To get started, I like to pick one image that I really like, in this case it is the one with the popsicle on the tray, and put it in the top left corner. Before you get started arranging everything: make it easier on yourself!!! Label each of your layers, even if it makes sense to only you. Just trust me.

Then, just get started arranging everything else!

DIY Inspiration Boards //

The last steps are always the hardest, because by this point you have probably used up all the photos you were planning on looking. At this point, I would either 1. Make the other photos bigger so I don’t have extra space or 2. Search forever to find another photo. Usually it is the lather haha, but trust me – its worth it! 

DIY Inspiration Boards //

Good luck everyone!


Awesome Watercolor: Caitlin McGauley

Hey guys!

One of my favorite art mediums is watercolors. I think they can be gorgeous, from the lightness they seem to have to the color combinations possible. I have been experimenting with watercolor on my own, but I find detail is so hard to get right without everything bleeding altogether, which is why I admire it so much in the works I see online and in museums.

A watercolor painter whose works I really enjoy is Caitlin McGauley. She picks the prettiest, vivid colors and the best subjects. Seriously, jewelry by itself or on elephants, count me in! You can buy her prints here-Leah

Loving Caitlin McGauley's Watercolor Prints // Loving Caitlin McGauley's Watercolor Prints //

Guest Post: 6 Unique DIY Gift Ideas

unique diy gift ideas

Hi Everyone! I’m a lifestyle blogger from SWEATshirt DRESSshirt, and today, I’ll be guest posting about DIY gifts on the Leah Sprague Blog (thanks for the opportunity, Leah!).

My favorite type of gifts to give have always been handmade. They’re sentimental, and there is just something about putting time and effort into making something for someone, that can’t be found at the store. I’ve compiled a list of six different projects ranging from easy (light switch cover), to moderately difficult (kitty loafers). They’re all worth checking out, and I hope you become inspired to make something for someone this season! Happy Holidays.

1. Jewelry Display Branch

2. Kitty Loafers

3. Boxwood Christmas Wreath

4. Geometric Switch Plate Cover

5. Snow Globes

6. Feather Gauze Blanket + A Homemade Stamp

unique diy holiday gifts

diy christmas

first image via here, edited by SWEATshirt DRESSshirt