Artist / Kat Macleod

An artist I have been following for a long time now is Australian Kat Macleod. I love her fashion collages of watercolor, paper, fabric and items you find around your house. I first found Kat Macleod through Australian blog Design Files in this interview.

Kat Macleod // Kat Macleod // Kat Macleod //


The Work of Pierre Soulages

I recently discovered the work of the French painter Pierre Soulages (1919-). I love his thick strokes and moody colors.

Pierre Soulages 'Peinture, 21 Novembre 1959' //
Peinture, 21 Novembre 1959

Pierre Soulages (photo by Jaume Prat) //
Inside the Soulages museum (photo by Jaume Prat)

Pierre Soulages 'Lithographie n°15, 1964' //
Lithographie n°15, 1964