Exploring Philly // Lost Bread Co.

Lost Bread Co. has everything I love about Philly.

Lost Bread has
1) Incredible baked goods.
Smoked potato sunflower, cheddar paprika, beetroot rye… approachable but just experimental enough that you probably (or definitely) don’t have the ingredients to make it at home on a whim.
2) A storefront with super-casual backyard vibes.
They sectioned off the front of their huge garage/warehouse kitchen, added a few pieces of metal patio furniture and houseplants, and that’s about it. It does the job.
3) All sorts of connections to the rest of the city.
All the staff have worked for different bakeries or have friends/roommates in different bakeries. Everyone knows everyone.
It’s unapologetically casual and just full of people who love food.

Lost Bread Co. was founded a couple years ago by Alex Bois, the man who started the famous bread program at High Street on Market. Alex got into bread because of his love for brewing beer. After an incident that damaged his liver, he began investigating other fermentation projects and got into bread.

Although they are known for bread (duh, it’s in their name), their pastries are worth the trip alone. Their kouign amann is unlike any other I have tried: a crunchy caramelized outside and a soft and fluffy inside. They use buckwheat flour for extra nutty flavor. Instead of a muffin shape, the pastry is baked in a large circle and sliced like a pizza.

Of their breads, my favorite is the beetroot rye, which is a deep red and a strong, earthy beet flavor. My current favorite breakfast is a slice topped with smashed avocado and a sprinkle of coarse salt. Almost embarrassingly millennial… but it is too good for me to care.


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