Different flavors of brown sugar in the morning market

Is it weird that I actually really like this vintage clothing line from KFC? This is a great marketing stunt; getting people to pay to advertise fried chicken. The only thing I don’t understand this $20,000 meteorite.

Is it really possible for a product line to be brandless?

I love reading cookbooks. “Recipes have a story arc. You need to get through the tricky early prepping stages via the complications of heat and measuring before you arrive at the point of happy closure”

There are a lot of challenging recipes I want to tackle when I get back to a full, Western kitchen in the US, and this is definitely one.

Seattle Creative Brunch: anyone in the Seattle area can sign up for a brunch with a random group of creative people. I love this idea!

Why sitting at your computer all day can wipe you out.¬†Not sure if this is actually true… but I’d believe it.


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