I want to continue posting a roundup of my favorite articles from the past month. I can’t believe it is mid-July already!

This article perfectly explained thoughts on food trends: they are just for the photo, and don’t taste good. And why should you waste money/calories on bad food?  But I found what the article wrote about food and women was particularly thought-provoking. “A contradiction as compelling as the food itself: a beautiful woman constantly eating the most over-the-top meals imaginable, and yet never gaining weight”

If I commit to something, I will show up and I will be on time. Bailing is so incredibly annoying, but honestly is just expected now, especially in my generation. Ugh.

There are 900 species of mushrooms in the world. 800 of them are in Yunnan. Call me insane, but I want to try making a dessert using mushrooms….

Oh, Philadelphia. I love you.


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