Xizhou Food Guide / Milk Ice Cream

Welcome to another post from my Xizhou Food Guide series, where I highlight different specialty foods from Xizhou, Dali, Yunnan.

Milk Bar in NYC could have some major competition.

Christina Tosi’s (one of my idol chefs!!) signature Cereal Milk Soft Serve is a dreamy, vanilla-but-with-a-twist ice cream. It is also $5.50. It is something to try once, dream about later, but never buy again because good grief.

Enter: the Bai minority’s love for dairy. QingLiang, the “famous” shop in the Xizhou square that claims to have been in business since 1982, offers milk ice cream soft serve for 5 RMB. That makes it the original milk soft serve, for 1/8th of the price.

The styrofoam-like cone needs a little work, but the soft serve itself is just perfect.

The shop is owned and operated by an older couple. The husband stays in the back making the ice cream and popsicles, while the wife stays up front taking orders. She is the absolute coolest because she always wears thick, black sunglasses, even though she is inside her very dark shop all day.


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