Favorite Podcasts / Radio Cherry Bombe

I have never been a radio person. It seems like most people listen to the radio in the morning, but for me, that is when silence is golden.

Recently, I have been listening to podcasts, but at night.  It’s like listening to an audio book, but it is neatly wrapped up in 45 minutes. There are so many bugs in this rural area here that when my room lights are on and my window is open, the sound of bugs on my window screen drives me a little insane. This way, I can have the lights out but still do some “reading.” Also, I can have my eyes closed which is pretty great.

Thinking of Cherry Bombe has got me thinking of all my favorite spots in NYC!

When I attended the Cherry Bombe Marketplace last April, I was super lucky to meet Kerry Diamond, the co-founder and editor-in-chief of the Cherry Bombe magazine. The worst place to introduce yourself to someone who organizes a conference is during the conference, but hey. While we were talking, we stacked chairs for the next guest speaker. One of the last things she said to me (before I finally realized that I shouldn’t get in the way of this lady who has a million things to do) was “Hey, you should listen to our podcast?” I smiled politely and said “Oh yes, I’ll check it out!” but what I was really thinking was “Nope, I am not a radio person.” Also, “What a random thing to bring up???”

I am not sure what inspired me to listen to the first podcast last week, but now I am obsessed with Radio Cherry Bombe. Cherry Bombe is an indie food magazine celebrating women and food, and the podcasts are an extension of that, exclusively featuring interviews with “the coolest, most creative women in the world of food.” I have been listening to 1-3 episodes a night, starting with the stars I know (Christina Tosi, Martha Stewart, Joy Wilson), and then moving onto all these incredible people I am so glad I now know (Nancy Silverton, Lani Halliday, Amanda Hesser).

If you’re not a podcast/radio person, trust me, I feel you. But try one episode out – they’re worth it!

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