I’ve come across some interesting articles recently that I wanted to share. I love reading articles that other bloggers recommend, so I want to make this a monthly column. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do!

Above is a photo from a couple days ago in Wenhai, a very rural village about an hour in the mountains from Lijiang, Yunnan. Every June, the water recedes and farmers let their cows and horses graze in the meadow. This place was honestly magical. An experience I will never forget, ever. We live on an amazing planet!


Last month, I went to a restaurant opening where I got to meet Daphne Cheng, a superhuman vegan chef who is trying to start a vegetable revolution in China. Her menus are incredibly innovative: roasted eggplant mousse with tahini cream and sweet potato caramel? seared jackfruit on toast with frisée, strawberry ponzu, and apple butter? What.

I am obsessed with this video on how bon appétit magazine‘s travel issue was taken with an iPhone. Is this really the future? I love my iPhone’s photo capabilities, but it can’t compare with my DSLR.

Interesting read on why expats in China are an endangered species. Instead of trying to get a high-paying or prestigious job, the author says young people should instead “focus on [gaining] hands-on experience working in China, developing [their] network, and enhancing [their] can do attitude.” Also, “if the job is Chinese speaking then in about 95% of cases, it means a Chinese person can do it and the job will pay according to local market price” – I could not agree more. I have had many people ask if I am learning Chinese for business reasons, but being fluent really won’t help me for that.

I was excited to see that two Philadelphia chefs were featured in the “10 rising female chefs you should know” list. One of them was Tova du Plessis, from my favorite Essen Bakery.

Philadelphia chef Peter McAndrews (who owns the famous Paesano’s, among others) said in an interview with Philly Mag that he plans on opening a restaurant entirely based off of the writings and drawings of Leonardo da Vinci. Turns out that (of course) da Vinci was one of the first people to “document and design smokehouses and rotisseries.” We’ll see how the food is, but what a unique concept!

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