Welcome to another post from my Xizhou Food Guide series, where I highlight different specialty foods from Xizhou, Dali, Yunnan.

Remember over here,  when I wrote about how dairy is everywhere in Xizhou, thanks to the Bai minority? Here’s another form of milk, this time in the form of popsicles!

Instead of selling frozen treats “inspired” by ice cream (as my family liked to describe it) like most tourist places in China, many stands in Xizhou offer various milk popsicles, both homemade and commercial. I tried this popsicle from one of the most famous commercial brands, Lao Xizhou (literally “Old Xizhou”), which is instantly recognizable in simple white packaging and blue letters. The store lady recommended this flavor, which is flower. Scattered throughout the milk popsicle are various rather large petals.

The actual milk popsicle part tastes a little like milk tea with extra condensed milk. Because of typical Chinese refrigeration (on-off-on-off), the popsicle wasn’t smooth but rather icy. The flower petals were a little off-putting to me, because I am not quite used to eating flowers like they do so often here. Overall not my favorite, but I am curious to give milk popsicles one more try at the famous ‘Qingliang Xiaowu’ shop, which claims to be making homemade milk popsicles  longer than any other shop still in town, since 1984.

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