Michael Solomonov Beyoncé’d the restaurant world by opening Goldie, a vegan falafel + milkshake fast casual restaurant, without telling the press or, well, anyone. Solomonov, who won “Outstanding Chef” at the James Beard Awards this year, owns a wide variety of the most famous eateries in Philadelphia, including Zahav, Dizengoff, Federal Donuts, and Rooster Soup Co.

Goldie’s menu is short but so good. They offer falafel in pita or on salad, fries, (most excitingly) vegan tahini milkshakes, and that’s it.

I was most excited to try the tahini milkshakes. I tried the decadent chocolate tahini milkshake, which is topped with honeycomb and drizzled with chocolate sauce. While I couldn’t pinpoint the taste as tahini, the milkshake was nutty and rich. How this thick, delicious “milkshake” could be made vegan is beyond me.

Full disclaimer: I don’t love falafel. I’ve been to Israel, and I didn’t even really love the falafel there either. It’s fine, but it always seems dry, crumbly, and bland to me. Goldie didn’t make falafel my new favorite food, but trust me – as a non-falafel person, this falafel is pretty good. It is moist and flavorful, and is paired perfectly with the creamy sauces in the pita.

Overall, I have to hand it to Solomonov. He deserves all his awards and more. I’ll be back to try other tahini milkshake flavors, and for my new favorite falafel.


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