Developing a Personal Style, Pt. 3: LIFESTYLE

To kick off the new year, I have created a 3-part series about developing a personal style. You can see part 1, about finding your favorite colors, here, and part 2, about finding your favorite silhouettes, here.

Welcome to the last segment of the “Developing a Personal Style” series! Now that you have a better sense of your favorite colors and your favorite outfit styles, it is time to apply it to your life.

First, you must analyze your lifestyle. What types of clothing do you use the most? If you mostly need casual clothing, then it doesn’t make sense for 50% of your clothing to be fancy dresses. Heavily inspired by into mind‘s post, I made a pie chart of my lifestyle.

My Lifestyle //

Now, when building a wardrobe, you can make sure that you are buying exactly what you need and like!


For bonus points, you can build a minimalist capsule wardrobe. It should be easy (well, easier!) now that you know what colors and styles you like and your lifestyle to find the minimum pieces that you need for a season. Check out Un-Fancy’s amazing explanation of how to build a capsule wardrobe here.

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