Developing a Personal Style, Pt. 2: SILHOUETTES

To kick off the new year, I have created a 3-part series about developing a personal style. You can see part 1, about finding your favorite colors, here.

Now that you understand what colors and images you are drawn to, it is time to make things a little more concrete and find specific outfits you like.

Please let me be clear before we begin: I am NOT saying that you should always stick to exactly the same colors and types of clothing. Rather, I am saying that these exercises will help you better understand what you like and what works on you to help you better develop your unique style. If you come across a nice top that is not in your range of favorite styles or colors, go for it!

It is time to go back to Pinterest, this time looking specifically for your favorite type of outfits. Notice the similarities in the types of outfits; that is what you are naturally drawn to.

As I was sifting through all my pins, I noticed that most of them were of pretty, but also extremely difficult to wear, dresses. Pinterest is place where dream red carpet gowns or the crazy styles you wish you could pull off are kept, but it is important to push those aside when looking for realistic examples. Also – most of the people in the photos I have pinned are wearing 4 inch heels… also not something I can realistically do.

Flowy Top + Tight Jeans //

I would either make a list or make a visual representation (like I have with these side-by-side photos) of what types of outfits you like. These can be the building blocks of what makes your style unique. Yes, anyone can wear a skater skirt. But would that skater skirt be their go-to item, something that they wear on a regular basis? Not necessarily.

Midi Skirt // Open Peacoat + Skinny Jeans // Patterned Pant + Basic Top // blog.leahsprague.comSkater Skirt + Tucked Shirt //

Statement Necklace // Sweater + Collar //
Good luck, and tune in next Friday for the last installment of developing your personal style!

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