Hey everyone!

I had the most amazing experience interning at Blogshop last weekend, and I thought I would tell you a little about it! Blogshop is a Photoshop workshop taught by Bri from DesignLoveFest and photographer Angela. You can also see their photographs for Blogshop on DesignLoveFest here.

While I had to miss two days of school, it was worth every minute. I don’t know anyone besides online who has a passion for blogging, and to meet a room full of people who all share the same interest as me was really inspiring. My fellow interns and I stayed behind and just started Instagramming and documenting everything while the light was still right, something that only bloggers do 🙂

In addition, everyone seemed to have some entrepreneurial business/non-profit of some sort, which was really inspiring to hear about. It has gotten me to start thinking about what really means “success” and what direction I might take once I graduate: taking a scary risk to start something awesome and being your own boss, or applying and working for a 9-5 job? What do you guys think?

Update: you can see part II here!

Blogshop Seattle was held in the most adorable studio space Cannelle et Vanille from Aran Goyoaga.



The students hard at work. As an intern, I walked around answering individual questions about Photoshop.


Lunch time!


Lunch time! Delicious grilled cheese, salad, and tomato soup from Dahlia Bakery.


And for a coffee break on the last day, cannolis from Tinello.


I got to meet Bri from DesignLoveFest!! I have followed her blog for over two years, so to see her in person was awesome.


The other two interns from SWEATshirt DRESSshirt and Moorea Seal were so sweet and have awesome backgrounds.



Stay tuned – tomorrow I will share some of the goodies from Blogshop!!


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