Hey everyone!

Summer time is the best time to experiment with new lunches. I find during the school year I stick with plain ‘n simple sandwiches, but in the summer I get bored of always having the same thing!
This is a great salad I just whipped up using some ingredients I found in the kitchen. See the recipe below!

Peach & Edamame Salad // blog.leahsprague.com

Peach & Edamame Salad

Ingredients (all measurements are to taste!)
Roasted sunflower seeds
Asian sesame dressing (I used this one!)
Cut peaches (thinner cut is better)

1. Mix lettuce, edamame, walnuts, sunflower seeds, and dressing well
2. Add cut peaches on top
3. Enjoy!

Feel free to add your own ingredients, or use more of your favorite foods (I put in a loooot of edamame!) -Leah

Peach & Edamame Salad // blog.leahsprague.com


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