Can’t believe it is already August!

August Lovelies //

This dot dress from Delia*s is so perfect. I love how it is very modest but still super cute!

I recently stumbled upon the awesome artwork by Corbé Company, which is designing 50 plates for each state in America, each exactly to scale. Of course, I love this Washington one.

Summer vegetables are the best, so I can’t wait to see what awesome recipes are in this cookbook.

Aren’t these boots just gorgeous? From the crochet on the sides to the light color, I think they could be worn in the summer!

This pair of earrings are lovely, and I love that rich turquoise!

This bow ring is adorable.

I would love to try this pomegranate tea (iced, for summer). Someone in my class brought a pomegranate tea to class a couple of times, and I have wanted to try it ever since!

I still think that scratch maps like this one are a great idea.

This is such a classic bag!



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