July Lovelies // blog.leahsprague.com
I love this headband by Anthropologie so much! I was thisclose to buying it during their big sale this summer, but it was still $30 (way too much for a headband!) and didn’t look super high quality. However, if I could find it for 1/3 of that price, it would be well worth it!

During summer school, a friend had this incense that smelled ah-mazing. Many air fresheners/incense smell fake or are unnoticeable, but this fills the whole room with an incredibly good scent.

I am so excited to read “Homemade Summer”! As reserving the book at my library puts me on a looong waiting list, I got the “Homemade Winter” book instead, weird as it sounds. Hey – the recipes are still good, and the photos are still pretty!

My current favorite pair of shoes are oxfords (as you saw from this post) and these floral ones are gorgeous!

As I wrote in this post, I have been looking for a small, cross-body purse, and this one is perfect for more fancy affairs.

This umbrella is so cute –  I love the little pom poms outlining the edges! It also comes in yellow and black.

I love this pair of heels, the little strap around the ankle makes it so much classier somehow.

I used to never wear bracelets, but lately I have been kind of wishing I did. They are such a simple way of making an outfit a little more fancy! This set seems like a good classic way to start.

Can’t have random summer lovelies without ice cream! This flavor, or this one, are both super good because they combine two desserts (:

Have a great Saturday, everyone! -Leah


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