Hey everyone!

I have a super-huge obsession with magazines. I love graphic design, but magazine layouts are my favorite, so basically I hoard them. I recently decided that it was time to get rid of my over-flowing stacks (the magazine bins I have were not big enough to hold them all!) by cutting out all my favorite pages, styles, and things that inspire me. I have always been a stickler about never cutting/destroying my magazines in anyway, but finally it had gotten out of hand.

Scroll down to see how I organized all my magazines, reducing them to just a thin binder!

Magazine Collage // blog.leahsprague.com

Once I cut out all my favorite things, I paper clipped things by theme; color, graphic design, advice, etc.
Magazine Collage // blog.leahsprague.com
Here is a collage I made in my art journal.

Magazine Collage // blog.leahsprague.com Magazine Collage // blog.leahsprague.com

Finally, since some collections still have a while to go before they can fill up a page, I put them in a folder in a special binder, which is now my “magazine binder”


Magazine Collage // blog.leahsprague.com

I also included layouts/ideas that I really enjoyed, and made a special point to hole punch the insides so it reads like a magazine.


I hope you enjoy! This is a super fun way to organize but still keep bits of inspiration! -Leah


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