Hey everyone!

I realize I haven’t been updating as often as I had planned when I have started this blog. I have had this obsession lately with making perfectly designed posts, spending lots of time finding the perfect images. Now don’t get me wrong, I love all that, but the whole reason I fell in love with blogging is the beauty in being able to share some bits of inspiration, whether my own or something I found, with the world instantly. And worse, sometimes I get so caught up in the details that I put off posting new things.

Last year I took this incredibly awesome art class where I had to keep a sketchbook with an “artist of the week”, with a couple of facts about the artist, examples of their work, and our opinions on their art. I want to continue that here; it can be so nice to occasionally just see a small collection of artwork. It may not take as many hours of positioning, but it is something that makes me inspired and happy, and hopefully inspires you as well!

I hope you have a very happy 3 day weekend! -Leah


Just be happy // blog.leahsprague.com
image source


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