Portfolio Websites


As I have been designing my new main website (leahsprague.com… I will announce when it is finished!) I have had to do a lot of thinking about what I want to put on it, and how it will best represent me.

Frame Inc. // via blog.leahsprague.com

Frame Inc. I love the colors, and overall simplicity. The large “Contact” button on the top is a definite plus; you don’t have to run searching for it.


Amy Merrick Flower Website // via blog.leahsprague.com

Amy Merrick What better website design for a flower stylist than styling your website with flowers? The photo does all the talking, plus they are gorgeous!


Worx Website // via blog.leahsprague.com

Worx This website has really grown on me. Each word/phrase links to a explanation section of the page further down. Plus, this is another great example of simplicity, this time with particularly nice font work.


PTarmack Website // via blog.leahsprague.com

PTarmak I love this website for its boldness, both in its colors, text, and thick blocks, and how it has a really cool blog format to it.


Aprile Elcich // via blog.leahsprague.com

Aprile Elcich This is a more standard website, but I think that going back to a more simple layout can be good in some cases. There are many more blocks that you can scroll through of her photos and portfolio, which I also think is nice.


Duplos Website // via blog.leahsprague.com

Duplos This is the most fun out of all the websites I am featuring here. If you go to the website you will see the speech bubbles move a bit. At first I thought the website was a little messy because things were not in straight lines, but this is actually super cool!


Built by Buffalo Website // via blog.leahsprague.com

Built by Buffalo I really liked how this website put some of its design work in hexagons instead of the typical squares. Plus, they still have a really nice color scheme going on, it doesn’t look like a crazy mismatch of things.


2 side notes before I finish: 1. I found most of these websites through thedesigninspiration.com, which has tons of great websites but also business cards, logos, etc. 2. Notice how most of these design websites have a blog? Interesting….

Overall I think I am most drawn to minimalist websites with a fitting color scheme and type. I am definitely keeping that in mind for my new website! Stay tuned! -Leah


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