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As I mentioned in a previous post, going to the library is a great way to get inspired. Walking to another section of the library you haven’t been to often opens so many possibilities, because it is a fresh set of ideas.

Today I was thinking about how getting ideas from new books is different from getting ideas off the internet. My conclusion was that books are the scenic route to becoming inspired. Anything on the internet can be found with a click of a button… if you know what to search for. While it is entirely possible to reach completely unexpected, great things on the internet, chances are that most of the time you have a conscious idea in mind of what you want to see.You go straight to the point, from point A to point B, the shortest path.

That said, lots of times you may go to a certain section in a library to find a certain book. But, at the same time, the book may not always be there. That is why it is so great going to a new part of the library; no expectations, just a bookshelf of books you never thought of. Finding a book is not always a straight path (physically too; I can’t be the only one who goes around the shelves in circles several times!)

Book Inspiration


I found this awesome installation by Chris Cobb, “There is Nothing Wrong in This Whole Wide World”. It really got me thinking, what would happen if all libraries were organized by color? That would make a new, interesting way of  finding books!

Book Colors 2

Book Colors
Both images are from here

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