Hey everyone!

Today is one of those rainy, dark Sunday days where you just want to stay inside, and wear your thickest, fluffiest socks. I love days like these (only when they are not too often, though) becuase they are just really cozy.
Today got me thinking about photo collections that altogether portray a strong feeling. I love looking at beautiful photos that remind me of Sunday afternoons like these. Generally these are darker colors, with rich texture, often vintage-looking washes, and are still elegant somehow.

I hardly ever use tumblr anymore, but looking back it is an awesome color inspiration. I run two tumblrs, one of them is ohsoverylovely, which is like Sunday afternoons:

cozy tumblr


And I also have my365daysofsunshine, is quite the opposite. I actually created this one first. My rule for posting on this one is it must be bright, happy colors. This generally means pretty dresses, flowers and cupcakes, but hey. Overall, looking at all the posts together just makes me happy because it just is so summery!!

bright tumblr


Do you guys have a place to keep a collection of all the photos that together portray a certain feeling to you?



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