So yesterday I was on Tumblr when I found this image by Charles Robert Cockerell.


Isn’t it amazing? I love how amazingly detailed it is, and how it looks almost like a photograph on the bottom with echoes of  a more transparent version on the top.

You can look him up a little more on Wikipedia if you are interested, but basically he was an English architect, archaeologist, and writer who lived from 1788 to 1863.


As a side note: am I the only one getting a little bored with Tumblr? I find that the whole contest to get as many followers as possible, creating groups, and the whole “reblogging” thing in general a little tedious now. However, if you still want to follow me, I don’t mind 😉 Follow me here for happy, bright photos and here for design, vintage overall lovely photos.

I actually joined Tumblr because of how awesome some of the sites I saw were, and because lots of funny websites talked about how great it was.  I still check my dashboard every once and a while though. You never know when you will come across something interesting!




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