DIY Inspiration Board


Something I have always wanted to be able to do was to create an inspiration board. If you follow me on Pintrest, then you will know that I have been collecting tons of ideas for one.

So, today in my new room I finally put one up!! Not only is it super easy, but the end result is really cool. Here are the instructions so you can make your own:


String, tape (that can be on walls), scissors, paperclips, photos/papers to put up on your board


1. Gather materials

2. Tape string onto wall, so it makes a slight “U” shape.

3. Latch a paperclip onto one of the photos/papers you would like to use










5. Attach paperclip onto string

6. Continue with the rest of the photos/papers

Tip: the tape I used was a bright blue, so  I taped photos on top of it as a cover.

You can also try having a theme, like all one color, etc. Have fun with it!

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